About OpenBRAS Community

OpenBRAS.org is an open source community led by China Telecom Guangzhou Research Institute. It aims to build an open and open source virtualized broadband access service platform to promote the implementation and application of SDN and NFV technologies in carrier edge networks.
In June 2017, China Telecom Guangzhou Research Institute and Intel, Inspur, Mellanox, Netronome, Panath, YunEx and other technical experts jointly created the OpenBRAS community. Their common goal is to promote the virtualization, generalization and microservices of the BRAS system. The realization of software and hardware decoupling, forwarding control separation, unified management vBRAS system architecture, driving upstream and downstream technology development, and ultimately forming a sound software and hardware supply ecosystem.
Currently, the OpenBRAS community provides several major industry vBRAS solutions, vBRAS reference source code and common testing tools. Among them, the solution mainly includes the architecture design of the clouded BRAS, the vBRAS end office deployment reference scheme and the vBRAS offloading scheme based on the intelligent network card. The reference source includes the PPPoE open source implementation (PPPoE using DPDK, RP-PPPoE) and the vBRAS implementation based on the transfer separation architecture (BRAS control plane, OpenBRAS forwarding plane based on intelligent network card, OpenBRAS forwarding plane based on DPDK). The OpenBRAS community will continue to improve the core code, enrich the BRAS functionality and connotation, expand the application of the Central Office end office and future edge computing platform, and promote the commercialization and commercialization of vBRAS.
The OpenBRAS Community Committee is composed of community sponsors such as China Telecom Guangzhou Research Institute and Intel Corporation. The community committee members are the main defenders of the community, including the technical committee and the operation committee. Participants in the community mainly include developers and end users. Community developers include three types of roles: maintainers, contributors, and submitters. End users can provide technical and strategic guidance to community committees in an advisory role. The community's contribution model is based on industry technologists and encourages new contributors and communities to participate at all levels. The community encourages any organization and individual to contribute and can be a contributor to contribute to the community. The organizational structure of the OpenBRAS community is shown below:



Technical Group